Hi Everybody!

We would like to welcome our children back to nursery for the start of the Spring 2018 term!  And for those children joining Whizz Kidz for the first time, welcome!


Term Dates

Some key dates for this term are:

Half-term holiday: 12 February to 16 February 2018

Easter holiday: 30 March to 13 April 2018

Note: Good Friday is on 30 March and Easter Monday is on 2 April 2018


Funded-only children will not attend during the term holidays.  However please keep in mind that the nursery operates all year-round, so private nursery sessions are still available during holiday times, please ask in the office for details.


Children’s Learning Journals available online

We are excited to announce that our nursery children’s learning journals will soon be available to view online!  This means that our parents will be able to login and view their child’s progress reports and observations and photos – parents will even be able to add their own comments too!  We will let you know when this function is full operative!


All About “me”

This term we will be covering the topic All About “Me” with the children.  It would be much appreciated if you could please bring in photos from home that we can use to cover this topic!  Thanks!


Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day, and Easter

We have various occasions that fall during this term, including Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday), and Easter.  We will be carrying out various activities and games with our children over the course of the term to celebrate these respective events (and of course we will be making pancakes!).

Also, we will keep you posted about our Easter Egg Hunt that we plan to hold on Wednesday 28th March 2018.  The Easter Egg Hunt will be open to ALL children, no matter if they attend our nursery or not.  Details of this will follow closer to the time.

 baking 2


We are now taking babies (under 2 years) at our Carshalton branch.  Please spread the word!


We will give you one FREE session for your referral

As an incentive to reward our parents for their help in promoting Whizz Kidz, if you refer a friend to us who then takes up a nursery place, we will reward you for your “marketing” by giving you one FREE nursery session (subject to availability) as a way of saying thank you!


15 hours funding (Universal or Extended), not 30 hours

Just a reminder that we will NOT be offering 30 hours funding, but we will continue to offer 15 hours funding (Universal or Extended).  This has been explained already several times, but we are still getting enquiries about it.  Unfortunately, the rate the government pays us for your “free” 30 hours funding doesn’t cover the cost of the childcare and would actually leave us short of money and unable to pay our staff and bills.  Unless the rate of pay for the 30 hours from the government increases, we simply cannot afford to offer it without going out of business, sorry.



Leaving without notice

Sadly we must remind that if you withdraw your child from nursery, whether this is for a school nursery place or whatever reason it might be, you absolutely MUST give us notice in writing beforehand, as stated in your contract within the nursery application form that you all sign when you register with us.  You will still be liable for fees incurred during and leading up to your notice period.


We are very excited for how much fun we’re going to have this Spring Term, and we hope you are excited too!


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