Welcome back everyone!  We are happy to have our Whizz Kidz back for the new term, and we extend a warm welcome to our new children joining us this term!  We hope everyone has had a refreshing Summer and are ready to crack on!  We still have a few remaining nursery places left, so if you know anyone still looking for a nursery place, please ask them to get in touch ASAP, as places are limited!

We have an important notice regarding how we will be invoicing parents for our Food and Nappies service for our Funded Children.  THE TOTAL ANNUAL AMOUNT CHARGED WILL STILL REMAIN THE SAME.


Please note that as of 1st October 2016 we shall be changing the way we invoice for Food and Nappies for our Government Funded Hours.  THE TOTAL ANNUAL AMOUNT CHARGED WILL REMAIN THE SAME.  We will simply be changing the way we split the payments, from divided over 12 months to now divided over 11 months.  This means that you will no longer make a payment in August.


Total annual amount = £456 (this amount hasn’t changed)

less £38 paid in September on old payment scheme = £418

£418 / 10 remaining months = £41.80 per month (to be paid at the beginning of each of the remaining 10 months)

So, remaining payment is as follows:

1st October 2016  £41.80

1st November 2016  £41.80

1st December 2016 £41.80

1st January 2016 £41.80

1st February 2016 £41.80

1st March 2016 £41.80

1st April 2016 £41.80

1st May 2016 £41.80

1st June 2016 £41.80

1st July 2016 £41.80


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