Our story…

Hey guys!

Hope you are all doing well!  We thought you might find it interesting to hear our story – it’ll only take a minute!


It all started with an Ofsted Registered Outstanding Childminder named Janet.  My mum, Janet has been working as a childminder for over twenty years now.  Back around 2008 my dad, Kelly had witnessed for years first-hand the fantastic level of care Janet delivered to these children.  Kelly was never ceased to be amazed at how these children would learn and develop and grow, and he was absorbed by the happiness and love that Janet was able to provide to the kids every time they came.  Kelly became obsessed with the idea that this wonderfully caring environment could be scaled to a larger level, so that a greater number more children could also benefit from the opportunity to receive such awesome childcare.  Kelly became determined to open a children’s day nursery.


Years passed, and circumstances had so far continued to hinder Kelly’s plan of opening a nursery, but his determination never faltered.  Fast forward to 2014 – his opportunity came!  Kelly put the wheels into motion and began the tough job of setting up a brand-new day nursery in Sutton, which he named Whizz Kidz Nurseries.  It is worth noting here that Kelly from day one named it “Nurseries” (plural) rather than simply “Nursery” (singular), as even from the beginning he decided that one nursery wasn’t enough if he wanted to reach his goal of providing a top level of care to as many children as possible.  Seeing the amount of work involved in setting up a nursery was too much for one person, it was also at this point that I, Dan came on board.  We worked tirelessly and in October 2014 we received our Ofsted registration, allowing Whizz Kidz Nurseries to finally open its doors for business.  We had an awesome Opening Party, with guests including the Mayor (to cut the ribbon!), our local MP, and even Bob the Builder!


Fast forward to the present day.  While initially our numbers at Whizz Kidz Nurseries in Sutton took time to increase (we only started out with a handful of registered children), we have now grown to be filled to capacity and have a waiting list at our Sutton nursery, and we have grown our team to include a number of staff too – after all we make sure to stick to super tight ratios to provide our children with an abundance of attention!  We have changed to become registered as a limited company, Whizz Kidz Nurseries Ltd, and we have also opened and are nicely filling up our second nursery, Whizz Kidz Carshalton, so Kelly has already realised his ambition of having several nurseries!  Kelly also, albeit for just a brief period, ventured into an additional industry with the birth of Whizz Kidz Soft Play in Godalming, although this was short lived as the travelling distance proved to be too much to handle.  I am still on board, of course, working on the back-office side of things, Janet is still working as and is still an Outstanding childminder, and my brother Adam, funnily enough also works with children too as a school teacher!  Whizz Kidz Nurseries continues to stick to its roots in providing children with the best loving and caring environment that all children deserve!


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