October Newsletter

All settled in September! Wow, September certainly flew by! We are delighted with how quickly our new children are settling in to life at Whizz Kidz, and it certainly didn’t take long for our other children to jump back into the swing of things after being away for the Summer break!

Half Term Break Just a reminder that our “term-time only / funded children” will be off from nursery for one week between Monday 26th October and Friday 30th October. So the last day of nursery for term-time / funded children will be Friday 23rd October, and we will see you back at nursery on Monday 2nd November.

“Hello”s and “Goodbye”s This month we have welcomed a few new members to our Whizz Kidz team – Dominique, Abi, Lynnette, and Alexis. These lovely ladies, all fully qualified and vastly experienced, have joined us as bank staff to be called upon whenever needed. We are also delighted to welcome Cathy Smith to the team on a permanent basis. It is great to see that the children have taken to the new members already! Sadly, we say goodbye this month to Kerry and Brogan Gibbs whose time with us was unfortunately short lived. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

Mags in Morocco! We welcome back Mags from her 2 weeks holiday away in Morocco! While we’ve been busy getting rained on, Mags has been soaking up the sunshine! OK, I admit it, we’re all just jealous! Anyway, Mags is back and refreshed and ready to rock and roll!

Halloween Costumes Since Halloween is on a Saturday this year, and it is during the half term week, we decided to really get into the spirit of it early and spend this whole month with Halloween themed games and activities, so please feel free to come to nursery dressed in Halloween costume anytime during October! This applies to parents too!

Uniforms Just a reminder that nursery uniforms are available to order for those interested. Please visit www.OnlineSchoolUniform.co.uk and search for Whizz Kidz.

CCTV It has been reported that at times some parents are unable to login to the XM Eye website to view the cameras. We are working on resolving this ASAP, though the problem seems to lie with the company XM Eye itself, rather than the nursery’s hardware. We ask for your patience in this matter.

Just a reminder that XM Eye updated their phone app lately, so if you haven’t done so then please download the new app. Also remember that once logged in, you will have to edit the “Whizz” settings and enter your login details a second time.

Congratulations Christopher and Randi! We would like to say congrats to Jack D’Argent’s mum and dad, Randi and Christopher, who welcomed a new member to the family, Gabriel! Best wishes from all of us!


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