March Newsletter 2017


Spring is nearly here!  Yay!  We’ve got a busy month coming up….


World Book Day

Thursday 2nd March was World Book Day, and it was fantastic seeing so many children dressed up as their favourite book characters!


Easter Break

The last day of term Friday 31st March 2017.

The Easter Break will be for two weeks.

The first day back at nursery is Tuesday 18th April.

Self-funded nursery sessions are still available during the break – please ask a member of staff for details.  Good Friday is on 14th April and Easter Monday is 17th April.


Gardening and the Life Cycle of Plants

With Spring approaching, we are going through the lifecycle of plants and learning how things grow.  We look forward to getting the children in the garden planting seeds and are excited to see what we can get to grow.  Could we encourage parents / carers to please this topic at home with your children as it will help speed up their learning and understanding.  Thanks!


Children’s Trays

We’d like to remind parents to keep checking their child’s tray for completed art work to take home – some trays are getting rather full now with masterpieces!


Important Announcement Regarding the Cameras

We would like to inform everyone that the technical issues regarding the cameras have now been resolved.


However, we must inform everyone that after much debate and discussion, we have made the decision to discontinue with allowing parents access to the nursery’s camera system.


We made the decision ourselves after we were advised of the potential risks that may arise due to it inevitably being impossible to control who our parents may pass their login details to.  For example, would you be comfortable knowing that another parent gave their login details to a stranger who could potentially be watching your child on the cameras?


What parents do with their login details is impossible for us to control, so we made the decision to play it safe and put the children’s interests first.  We thank you in advance for your understanding.


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