June 2017 Newsletter



We hope everyone had a great Half Term, and we now look forward to the final stretch before the Summer Break.


Term Dates

This final half term will run from 5th June until 21st July, which is the last day of term before the six-week Summer Break.  The nursery will still be open during the Summer for private childcare, so please let us know if you are interested in your child attending.  We return back for the new academic year on 4th September 2017.


15 Hours Funding

Please note that come September we will continue to be offering the 15 hours government funded spaces, but we will NOT be able to offer 30 hours.  For those eligible for 30 hours funding, you are more than welcome to continue to do your 15 hours funding with us, and take up the remaining 15 hours funding at another setting.


Stay and Play

Please note that this Summer will see the return of our “Stay & Play” Sessions!  Please spread the word that we will be holding these stay and play sessions from 24th July 2017 until 1st September 2017, Monday – Friday 9.30am to 11.30am and 1pm to 3pm.  Tea, coffee, and children’s drinks will be available.  Children ages 2-5.  Entry £3.50


Whizz Kidz Nurseries – Carshalton

A reminder that we are getting closer and closer to opening our second nursery, which will be a quick 10-minute walk away in Carshalton.  Stay posted for updates!  The address is War Memorial Sports Ground, Colston Avenue, Carshalton SM5 2PW.



The professional photographer will be returning to the nursery on Monday 5th June to take a group photo of all the children.  More details of this will follow soon.



Reception and School Places

Could all parents who applied for a reception / school nursery place for September please inform your key worker as soon as you have received confirmation of your place.  Also, we would like to suggest that all parents begin talking to their children about leaving nursery to start school, as this will better prepare them mentally for change when the time comes.

Those who will be staying with us at Whizz Kidz for September, please let us know ASAP.


Book Share Scheme

We will be introducing a book share scheme, like at the library, where children can borrow nursery books to take home with them for short periods.  The scheme will involve parents having to “sign books in and out”, but we must warn you that there will be fines for unreturned books!  Please keep an eye out for further details to follow soon!


Extra Sport Focus Afternoon Football Sessions

Extra Sports Focus Football sessions will be running Thursday afternoons from 1.30pm to 2pm.  If you are interested in your child taking part then please talk to a member of staff.



WhatsApp Group

To improve our communications with parents, we will be starting a WhatsApp Group.  Please note that this group will be a means of “one-way communication” for the nursery to send out messages to our parents, but the nursery will not be able to respond to messages received via WhatsApp.  If you wish to contact the nursery, please do so by the usual means of phone, email etc.

Could we ask parents to please complete the “Sign-Up Sheet” in the nursery to be added to the WhatsApp group.



We have expanded our social media activity further to include Instagram!  Please follow us: whizzkidz2017


Hot Weather

As Summer is (hopefully) arriving, please could we ask you to bring in a hat and sunscreen for your child.  Also, if your child owns a spare swimming costume please can you pack it in your child’s bag for use during waterplay in the garden.



Plastic Water Bottles

As it is getting warmer, it is inevitably more important to keep hydrated.  To help us make sure the children are drinking enough water, please could we ask you to bring in a plastic water bottle with your child’s name on it.  Thank you.

Lucy and Charlotte

We are very sad to bring you the news that two members of staff will be leaving us.  Long serving employee, Lucy Brett, who has been with us since before Whizz Kidz even first opened, has decided to explore a change of career.  And Charlotte Hall, who is ever popular with the children, will be moving on from Whizz Kidz.  We wish both girls the best of luck, and thank them for their time with us!

On a more positive note, we look forward to welcoming their replacements to the nursery, Lauren Hawkins and Marzana Islam.


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