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Your young ones burn loads of energy – not just running around like a maniac – but also growing healthy bones, teeth and strong muscles.

That’s why the food we serve in the nursery is both balanced and healthy – to supply quality fuel for your child.  We would like to share with you some of the nutritional tactics we use at Whizz Kidz, and hopefully you might find some of these practices helpful for you to also use at home!


–        We don’t serve sugary foods (they are bad for the teeth and hyper active children do not generally make for happy bunnies).

–        Through the day – we serve breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack and tea for those children that are staying later.

–        We offer the children milk and water though out the day.

–        If a child is engrossed in an activity; and wishes to skip a snack; then we respect their wishes – the next meal is never too far away.

–        Fruit and vegetables are the back bones of our meals. If you have specific dietary wishes; then please let us know.

–        We regularly involve your children in preparing food – our objective is to trigger their curiosity; to get them familiar with tasting new foods.

–        We have observed that peer pressure is a powerful force.  So don’t be too surprised if your child tells you that he eats his least favourite food at nursery; but still objects at home!

–        Our menus are changed regularly; normally on a weekly rotation.

–        From time to time; we will send home simple recipes for you to make with your children. It’s great fun and children absolutely love the interaction.

–        If you child has any allergies; then it is vital that you let us know when you fill in your registration documents.

–        When your child comes home; engage with them; ask them what they had for lunch today.
If you have any questions about food, please get in touch, we are more than happy to help!


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