Hi everyone, this term so far is going great!  We have just a few points to mention in this month’s newsletter.


Term Dates Reminder

The next break will be Half Term, which is 13th February to 17th February 2017, and then the last day of term 31st March 2017.  Self-funded nursery sessions are still available during the break – please ask a member of staff for details.


We Still Need Your Family Photos!

Could we ask everyone to please bring in a family photograph for our “Family Tree” wall display!  For those who haven’t already done so, your child is missing out!


Children’s Trays

We’d like to remind parents to keep checking their child’s tray for completed art work to take home – some trays are getting rather full now with masterpieces!


Nursery Front Door

A polite reminder for all parents to ensure the Front Door is ALWAYS properly shut behind them when entering or exiting the nursery.  This is extremely important!



We are experiencing some technical difficulties with the cameras, so at times you may struggle to login.  Please bear with us while we try and get the issue resolved.  Thanks.


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