We’d like to start by saying “welcome back” to everyone to the new academic year, and to those who are just starting with us this term, “welcome to Whizz Kidz”!  We like to keep our parents in the loop, so we regularly release newsletters to keep our parents up to date with our activities as much as possible.


Term Dates

Let’s start by mentioning some important dates for this Autumn term.  The Half Term break will run from Monday 23rd October to Friday 27th October, and funded-only children will not attend during this time.  The next holiday after Half Term is the Christmas Break, which will run from Wednesday 20th December until Tuesday 2nd January, with the start of the next term beginning Wednesday 3rd January 2018, and again funded-only children will not attend during this time.  However please keep in mind that the nursery operates all year-round, so private nursery sessions are still available during holiday time, please ask in the office for details.



We will be having a professional photographer returning to us on Tuesday 31st October to take photos of the children.  “Proofs” of the photos will be handed out to parents afterwards, and you can then decide if you would like to purchase any of the photos from the photographer.  The photographer will come from 9.30am to 11am on the stated Tuesday, but if your child does not normally attend nursery during that day / time don’t worry, simply ask in the office to book a time slot to drop by to have your child’s photo taken.



Halloween is on Tuesday 31st October, the same day the photographer coming.  We will be having Halloween fancy dress as we do as usual, so stay posted for details to come soon!


Nursery spaces remaining at our REDUCED FEES!

We still currently have nursery spaces available, so if you would like extra days / sessions please ask in the office for our availability and for our fees.  Also please remember that our fees have now dropped significantly!


We will give you £5 cash for your referral

As an incentive to reward our parents for their help in promoting Whizz Kidz, if you refer a friend to us who then takes up a nursery place, we will reward you for your “marketing” by giving you £5 cash as a way of saying thank you!


15 hours funding, not 30 hours

Just a reminder that we will NOT be offering 30 hours funding, but we will continue to offer 15 hours funding.  This has been explained already several times, but we are still getting enquiries about it.  Unfortunately, the rate the government pays us for your “free” 30 hours funding doesn’t cover the cost of the childcare and would actually leave us short of money and unable to pay our staff and bills.  Unless the rate of pay for the 30 hours from the government increases, we simply cannot afford to offer it without going out of business, sorry.


Water Bottles

A polite reminder, could all parents please bring in a plastic water bottle / beaker for their child to drink from while at nursery, if you haven’t done so already.  Thanks.


Family Tree Photos

Please can we ask you to bring in a family photo from home for us to put on our “Family Tree” wall display.  Thanks.


Whizz Kidz Nurseries – Carshalton is open!

We are happy to say that our Carshalton Whizz Kidz branch is now open, carrying on the Whizz Kidz theme out of War Memorial Sports Ground, Carshalton Athletic, Carshalton.  Also please note that our Sutton nursery practitioner, Lauren Hawkins, will be moving over to Carshalton too.


Leaving without notice

Sadly we must remind that if you withdraw your child from nursery, whether this is for a school nursery place or whatever reason it might be, you absolutely MUST give us notice in writing beforehand, as stated in your contract within the nursery application form that you all sign when you register with us.  You will still be liable for fees incurred during and leading up to your notice period.


Christmas Plans

It is scary to be talking about Christmas already, but it will be sneaking up on us soon enough!  We can already say that our children will be decorating a Christmas Tree as part of St Barnabas’ Sutton New Town Christmas Fair.  Stay posted for more plans and details to soon follow!


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