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An interesting topic of conversation that came up recently is “how can parents be more proactive in assisting in their child’s learning and development”?  After all, the majority of our children will spend more time at home with their parents than they will at nursery.  Of course, educating and enabling our nursery children to develop and grow is what our highly qualified experienced staff are trained to do, and childcare is where our passion lies.  However, this certainly doesn’t negate the influence parents will inevitably have on their children through the time spent with them at home.  Therefore, it is fair to say that your child’s care and development is more so a joint effort between nursery staff and parents working together!


So to refer back to the original question, “how can parents assist in their child’s learning and development from home”?  The first and most simple answer to this is to continue the Whizz Kidz Nurseries theme of “learning through play”, so by simply facilitating this by allowing your child to play while at home, is a start!  Some parents can be “too academic” in their thinking, and while their intentions are good in wanting their child to get a head start, parents must remember to “let kids be kids” and appreciate that at a young age the best way to learn is simply by having fun!


To delve deeper into this theme, simply talking to your child is extremely important.  Encourage your child to be more vocal, ask them questions, and more importantly listen to what your child has to say, so that they know that you value their ideas. Simply asking them open-ended questions and giving them choices can be a big help – for example “what would you like in your sandwich today?” or “is the sky grey or blue today”?  Engage with your child in activities like reading stories, counting, drawing, painting, and singing songs.


Encouraging your child to be more sociable and to interact with other children is also another great way to accel your child’s development.  Naturally your child will play and interact with other children at nursery, but when your child is not at nursery it could be a good idea to make trips to the park, to play groups, to soft plays, or to arrange play dates so that your child has ample opportunities to play with other children and make friends.


Some parents may also wish to write “observations” on their child, and they are welcome to share these in their nursery learning journal (which are very soon to be available and accessible online!).  This strengthens the relationship between parents and the nursery,  and enables better communication and consistency between the two so to make sure nursery staff and parents are “on the same page” regarding your child’s development.


Otherwise, it is ALWAYS a good option to simply talk to your child’s key worker.  Share information, progress, observations, feedback, worries or concerns.  At Whizz Kidz our staff are trained professionals, so if you are unsure of anything (or even if you aren’t unsure but just want to chat!) our staff will always have time for a conversation!

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